Previous Pups

Introducing: Bennie!!

Here’s what her owner Sarah has to say:

“Bringing him from @the_cavoodle_cradle was indeed a great choice! He was toilet trained before he came to us and he is very trainable. He is not shy to other puppies and dogs. He goes very well with young kids too. We thank especially to the breeder’s kids. It seems he had a good experience with kids already.

He is very insensitive in a good way to live in an apartment. He is not scared of a lot of different noises, strong winds, laundary machine, dishwasher and noises from corridor etc. He barked only 3 times! Those times were only he thought everyone was home but someone was trying to open the door. He did miscounting thou & We were worried if he cannot make sound at the first time.

He proved he can bark too!

What a adorable house guard he is”

Introducing: Freddie!!

Here’s what Freddies’ dad Duncan has to say:

“We’ve had little Freddie for 6 weeks now and he’s brought so much joy and happiness into our life. We couldn’t be happier with Lisa and the Cavoodle Cradle. Her communication and organisation was 10/10 and we would highly recommend Lisa to anyone thinking about getting a cavoodle 🙂”

Introducing: Maggie!!

Here’s what Maggies’ mum Sophie has to say:

“This is our gorgeous 14 week old fluffball, Maggie, and she’s brought so much sunshine into our family. Since bringing her home, we’ve loved caring for Maggie and watching her learn about the world around her. She’s curious, playful, happy and healthy, and we just adore her. She sleeps like a dream at night and toilet training is coming along beautifully, and besides the normal puppy rambunctiousness, she piles the love onto my two kids!

A huge thank you to Lisa and the Cavoodle Cradle for helping us complete our family. Lisa was always communicative, informative and ready to help this newbie pup family! As it’s been over 30 years since owning a dog, it’s been a steep learning curve for me, but Lisa has been wonderful in making the process of owning a pup an easy one. I can’t recommend Cavoodle Cradle enough x”

Introducing: Billie!!

Here’s what her owner Emma has to say:

“Thanks to Lisa and the Cavoodle Cradle for my tiny little cutie, Billie. We absolutely love her to bits!”

Introducing: Monty!

“Hey Lisa, 😊 wanted to give you an update on Monty! He is such a beautiful boy and is looking more like his Mum Roxie with each day. He is very smart and already knows sit, down, wait, high five, shake, touch and open (mouth, for checking if he’s eaten anything he shouldn’t have). He has met some other dogs already in safe areas and has had his first lesson of puppy preschool and seems to be getting on well with other dogs. When we go to work he entertains himself with his toys or sleeps. We love him so much and can’t believe how incredibly cute and clever he is 🥰🥰”


Introducing sisters Inka and Maya

“We have had Inka and Maya for 5 days now, and they are delights – low effort (and receptive to training), communicative, kind and fun. They love playing with each other, but also are happy with time apart. We really appreciate the whole process, the updates, how well trained they arrived, and the fact they are happy, confident puppies. We took them to our family vet who was very impressed with their health, personalities and how well they are developing.”

Introducing Blossom!

“She has settled in very well and loves exploring her new environment. With my other doggies- So far only our beautiful old girl Moo (13) has accepted Blossom into our home and has been playing with her. The other two (Rufus 8 & Poppy 4, fellow) are a bit wary of her and are mostly keeping away. I expect them to soften with time. I’m guessing it’s easier for Moo because she’s already welcomed two other puppies and a cat into her heart and home so she knows how it goes.”

Introducing Bodhi!

“Bodhi is settling in incredibly well , but night time is still sookie but we are slowly getting there . I have introduced fresh cooked chicken with his puppy biscuits which he is devouring . Definitely has a healthy appetite. ☺️”


Introducing Kimi!

“Kimi is settled in well and has come out of her shell. Loves playing with her little sheep and pizza toy.“