About The Cavoodle Cradle

Our Cavoodle Cradle is lovingly run by Lisa and my partner Ryan. Ryan and I both work in professional theatre. I am a performer and Ryan is production manager for Opera Australia.

Our breeding origins began with our first litter that we bred with our family pet, Melody, where we wanted to experience with our kids the joys of breeding and bringing such adorable pups to life.

Our family and friends loved the cavoodles that were bred and our family loved the experience of breeding and the joy it brought, that we decided to continue to breed puppies!



We are a boutique breeder and will always remain so…….we breed on average twice a year and only cavoodles.

The Cavoodle Cradle have two breeding females only, Roxie and Maple: both with the most affectionate and intelligent natures.

It was a family choice to get into breeding and to experience the wonders of pups coming to into this world.

We love the cavoodle as a breed, and the temperament, we now want to spread that love and joy with other prospective puppy owners out there.

The Inside Whelping Pen

The Outside Puppy Pen

We love to employ the personal touch in getting to know you and pairing the right pup with the right owner.

We provide constant communication and detail to puppy applicants including frequent updates of our litters along the way.

I believe the relationship between our pups also includes owners, and we support our owners in helping them to love and care for their pups for life!

Member of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders- AAPDB #17656 – Members undergo strict home Independent Vet Audits to breeding premises, to maintain high standards of ethical and elite breeding practices.

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