Dog Sitting Services

Small Dogs  – Medium Dogs – Puppies

Overnight Pet services
Dog hosting at our home: $70 a night (24 hrs)

Daytime pet services
Pet day care: $50 a day (9 hrs)
House visiting to feed and cuddle): $45 per 40 min. visit
Dog walking: $40 per 40 min. walk

Pet transport
Pick up/drop off provided $15 per journey

Ryan has RSPCA Pet first aid accreditation and Pet first aid kit and can administer

  • Pill medication
  • Liquid medication
  • Topical medication

Our family is made up of 4 humans and 3 doggos- Mum, Dad, 13 year old twin daughters plus our King Charles Cavalier (8yrs) and 2x Cavoodles (2 and 3yrs). We are excited to care for your fur baby! We absolutely adore dogs, and our 3 furbabies are sociable and love company.

Our house has a large backyard where your dog can run around and explore, and is the perfect size for chasies and zoomies. The yard is fully fenced and has multiple lockable gates.

Mum is at home for all of their stay, so there will be regular supervision to make sure the doggos don’t get up to too much mischief.

Our family has many years experience looking after our own and other people’s pets, varying in breeds, sizes and temperaments. As a boutique breeder of Cavoodle pups, we put a lot of love and transparency into our services. Daily texts and video updates to see what your dog has been up to, is an essential part of our service for your peace of mind!

We are flexible and can work around what your pet is used to (eating and sleeping arrangements), and can guarantee your little one will have a wonderful time hanging out with our loving family.

Our aim for your pet is to ensure they have their own little holiday away from home, and blend comfortably into our family until you return home.

If you have further questions and are considering us to care for your fur baby, please Contact us (button) so we can arrange a meet and greet in our home. It is absolutely essential you are comfortable with us caring for your dog.

We look forward to meeting you all!

About us

2 adults, Lisa and Ryan and 2 teenagers at home with the dogs. Non smoking home. Lisa does not work during the school term holidays and is able to devote all her time to the wellbeing of your pets’ needs and their comfort and enjoyment while they stay with us.

Your much loved dog will be treated like family, staying/ sleeping indoors with our dogs or outside if you request, whatever you do at home, we will respect and continue for their stay.

    Where will you walk my dog? Please tell us about the nearby parks.

    A 5 minute walk up the road from our house is a whole bunch of parkland where we regularly walk our dogs. Brighton Le Sands off leash dog beach and Gannons park off leash dog park are also our regular walking spots. As no dog is the same, each walk will be tailored to the dogs needs. Please let us know what your dogs exercise needs are prior to their stay, and any pre-existing injuries.

    What information do you need to know about a pet before accepting a booking?

    As we have 2 daughters aged 13 years who will be heavily involved with the care of your pet, we will not accept pets who are not friendly with children, or had any issues with aggression in the past. Pets who bark excessively, dig or damage will not be accepted. If you have an anxious pet, whether that be on walks or if home alone, we would like to know prior please. This will help us plan and support your pet to ensure they enjoy their stay with us. We would like to know medical issues or allergies. Be sure to let us know your VETS name and number, in the event we require it. Each booking will be at our home for up to 24 hours. If you require longer pick up drop off times please let us know, prices may vary. We are happy to take two pets, however they must be from the same home and have their own booking. We are happy for long term bookings. We are able to drop off and pick up your pet for a small fee. Rates above.

    What is the estimated time that you will spend with my pet each day?

    We only dog host on NSW School Holidays as I do not work over this period and can devote all my time to doggie play and love!! In the small intervals I may not be home, your pup will be provided with comfort measures and toys to entertain them when we are not there. Everyday, myself and our girls will spend time playing, exercising, snuggling and spoiling your pet. Our aim is to ensure they feel comfortable, entertained, and most importantly at home in our care. We really do love to spoil all of our little fur guests during their stay.